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by admin on June 1, 2010

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Arizona Medical Board Watchdogs is a forum available to all health professionals that are governed by the Arizona Medical Board. The Arizona Medical Board is the entity that licenses Allopathic physicians (MD’s) and Physicians Assistants¬†(PA’s) in the state of Arizona,¬†and is charged with protecting the public from harm by negligent or incompetent practitioners.

This forum invites observations, discussion and even criticism of actions or lack of action by the Arizona Medical Board.

Comments may be posted by concerned doctors and other health professionals which raise issues of irregularities, harassment, impropriety and malfeasance by the members or staff of the Arizona Medical Board.

We who practice must also govern those who govern us. We still have our constitutionally guaranteed rights, regardless of the whim, improprieties, dishonesty, and malfeasance of others!

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Arizona Medical Board Watchdogs June 1, 2010 at 1:23 pm

Please post comments, stories, questions here about the Arizona Medical Board. There will be a slight delay before the posting will show on the site so that each comment can be moderated to keep spam and inappropriate material contained. Thank you for your participation.

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